Charles Abbatantuono
Quahog Clam
Mercenaria mercenaria
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Domain: Eykarya
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Bivalvia
Order: Veneroida
Family: Veneridae
Genus: Mercenaria
Species: Mercenaria

Growth and Development

  • The Quahog Clam can live up to 40 years
  • The Quahog Clam gradually gets larger as it gets older and reaches around 4 inches in length when they turn 40 years old
  • The Quahog Clam starts out as an embryo and eventually becomes a larvae that then turns into the hard shelled organism that the clam will stay at for the rest of its life


  • The Quahog Clam does not move, It simply attaches itself to a rock or the sea floor

  • The exact amount of the millions of eggs produces by females that actually become fertilized is unknown
  • The Quahog Clam becomes sexually mature by age 2 or 3


  • The Quahog clam mainly eats cultured algae
  • The clams shell, when opened, allows it to catch algae in the clams mouth


  • The Quahog clam lives along the shore of the Northeastern US
  • The Quahog clam is a first level consumer that eats small little producers like algae
  • The Quahog clams only predator is humans that catch them and eat them in large amounts


  • The Quahog clams protective shell keeps any predators out
  • The sea floor has a vast array of organisms looking for food but the clam has a protective shell that sends predators away from it
  • Some similar organisms to the Quahog shell are the Southern Quahog and the Venus Clam